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Toiletry Intelligence

This rapid prototype was created to facilitate a conversation around reimagining digital services for a client in the Personal Care & Cosmetics industry. A 3D printed face covered in special hidden-ink vinyl demonstrates how a razor with embedded sensors could reveal unique information about the user's skin and suggest personalized brand products. The concept was conceived before lunch, an open source 3D model was modified in the afternoon and printed overnight. The following morning the idea was shared with the account team and approved. Shortly following, the client requested to focus on different topics during the scheduled meeting. Development on this project was immediately stopped after 1.5 days to focus resources on higher priority projects. Experiences like this were common in our office and it served as a reminder there's a balance between not investing too much in any one project and iterating quick for an initial proof of concept. 

Technology Stack & Tools Involved:

3D Printing

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