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Virtually Medicine



Considering my career path, I have not had much professional exposure to the field of medicine. I've kept my eye open for opportunities, because I believe the integration of this field with broader thinking is required for more fundamental breakthroughs for humanity. I thought this may be one opportunity to gain exposure. Having seen some of my previous PoCs, an account team for a health care client reached out to discuss the possibility of creating a full AR solution for this medical company. The goal was to use AR to create an experience that would help surgeons learn how to use new medical hardware quicker than methods available today. I storyboarded what a brief demonstration of this might look like and presented it in Munich, Germany to the client. The client was receptive to the idea, but we were unable to move forward because our lack of resources to deliver on the scale required. It was a frustrating outcome and I continue to seek opportunities to expand my work in the medical field. 

Technology Stack & Tools Involved:

Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Hololens

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