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Origami Blockchain

These are hand-made origami artifacts, created as conference-booth-giveaways for a client. Each artifact is unique and only 500 exist. They are physically scarce, but also digitally scarce. This concept of digital scarcity is not truly possible with the current internet, but a blockchain-based internet enables it along with new and interesting business solutions. The details of each artifact (material source, manufacturing location, creators, etc.) have all been recorded on a blockchain. These details can be viewed on an accompanying web app by scanning the QR code on the bottom of each artifact. Using a web3 browser (Cipherbrowser, metamask, etc.) enables the ownership of the artifact to be transferred on the blockchain, giving recipients ownership of both the unique physical and digital instances.

Technology Stack & Tools Involved:

Solidity, React, JavaScript, CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Laser Cutting

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