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Future of Consumption

The Future of Consumption AR Experience was a rapid prototype, built for crowd amusement at a joint event between Infosys and Coca Cola. The experience was a conversation starter for how various emerging technologies could come together and augment the simple act of purchasing a beverage in the not-so-distant future. This project was my first experience managing a completely offshore team that handled the majority of development. The experience forced me to let go of trying to solve every little design challenge, something I was not formerly accustomed to. I focused on sharing and breaking down the larger vision. The result fulfills its purpose, it's an eye catching demonstration, it demonstrates brand awareness, and it loosely illustrates possible emerging technology use cases. 


 The Pitch:

Retailers are being enabled through product sensors communicating with IOT platforms to proactively manage products on shelf, particularly providing notice within its sell date to be removed. This will ensure the consumer always gets a perfect serve. In-store retail experiences will pair an individual’s fitness tracker with machine learning to understand the consumer better over time. This cooperative platform will be capable of delivering extreme personalization and intuitive approach to the consumer needs, particularly around exercise types and nutritional needs. As consumers continue focus on authentic product, blockchain enables true provenance authenticity tracking system to ensure the ingredient sources. Predictive analytics technology will be able to provide “smart” suggestions based purchase history to give recommendations based on consumer’s preferences. As smart clothing tech becomes part of consumer’s daily living, our technologies will help meet the nutritional development of consumer needs. Connecting to digital nutritionist, picking up on what the consumer really needs at the moment, including feeling under then weather, diet plans, nutritional deficiencies, etc. AR has the power to radically change how we market differently to consumers. Interactive, playful programs like Pokemon and SnapChat are the beginning introduction to the power of their remarkable technology.  


Coca Cola WEF Storyboard - V2.jpg

Technology Stack & Tools Involved:

Unity, C#, JavaScript, Vuforia, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Hololens

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