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Crypto Exchange OAuth

Logging in with Facebook or Google+ offers a seamless experience for some users, but requires personal data to be stored with these companies. Lately this has been proven to not be secure. Security aside, I believe people should be able to monetize their own data for themselves and this current setup does not enable that. SelfKey is a blockchain-based sovereign identity project that enables users to store personal information and identity documents, locally and securely, for identity verification and interaction with trusted network entities. The project aims to eventually decentralize the identity issuance from government authorities. This design for a browser extension OAuth was my contribution towards their efforts. While this particular use case of an exchange login isn't extremely exciting to me, viewing this as a stepping stone to rethink governance and social structures made it appealing.

The video walks through my design process; flow diagrams, storyboard layout, and html mockup. The sketch file contains two documents: a user workflow, found on the “Workflow” page and a design mockup found on the “Design Mockup” page. The workflow illustrates my technical assumptions and the general process the user goes through logging in. The design mockup provides a more refined visual understanding of what the user will see. The two html files illustrate two scenarios – one where the user has all of the required fields of data requested from KuCoin, the second where data is missing. These html files are to provide a guideline beyond dumb visualizations on how this can be constructed. 

Technology Stack & Tools Involved:

Sketch, Illustrator, JavaScript, HTML 

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